Ore Tram Buckets

These kits are white metal kits and easy to build. The S kit (top) represents a 5 foot wide bucket, the O kit (bottom) is a 3.5 foot bucket. Ore buckets came in a variety of sizes from 3 foot wide to 6 ft and larger. the alert observer will note that both buckets are the same, true, but the one set of patterns when cast will work well for both scales, a savings of time on our part, but a great addition to your railroad no matter the scale. An HO version will follow in a few months (we couldn't get away with using this larger version for HO)

Our research included the many RGS books, the Mineral Belt Series and the Rainbow Route all published by Sundance Publications. The variety of ore buckets is considerable when you look at the mines in Colorado you would think that maybe 2 or 3 types were actually used but we found more than 10 different types. Further research into the Colorado School of Mines was not done though the material they have is immense. The design came from a drawing in an old mine supply catalogue.

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