Foley's Barn

The kit is composed of a laser cut MDF core overlaid with strip wood siding. As close to the original as we can get... oh, right, this is freelance, no prototype, simply inspired from the many barns we have seen on our travels.... And the name? well it needed something and so.. Foley's..(never met him but he made a fine barn!).... The top photo is HO, the bottom one is O... Questions or Comments? email or call...HO Footprint is 5" wide by 3" deep,

O foot print is 9" wide by 5 1/2" deep. F/G foot print is 19" wide by 12" deep...

Foley's Barn, HO scale #2147
Price: $48.00 Qty:

Foley's Barn, O scale #6147
Price: $82.00 Qty:

Foley's Barn, F/G scale #8147
Price: $220.00 Qty:

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