Ophir Depot

Precision laser cut wood, decals, 3D printed chimney. This kit is awsome!! Our usual sheet on core method of assembly, that is you build up the core out of 1/8" thick laser cut MDF. Then you add the layers of precision milled sheet wood and laser cut windows and trim finishing off with the roofing... Its all laser cut and easy to assemble. Though I will caution you against this being the first one of our kits that you build, best to build a smaller structure to get the feel of a Banta Kit, then move on to this. The instructions are fully illustrated with a phto for nearly every step along with well detailed drawings showing parts and the more critial assemblies. Altogether over 6000 words and 18 pages of instructions and 30 pages of drawings....

F/G scale 39 1/2" long, 19" wide by 17 3/4" to the top of the chimney.......

Ophir Depot, F/G scale, #8158F/G
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