Updated 12/1/2022

Next up for kits, an East Broad Top kit of the Electrical House, than a couple of freelance buildings... in January 2023

It may be obvious to many that I don't update this page much... the last one being ..I can't remember when......Please understand that I do this by myself, yeah, no high tech IP person, no office person, no one.. So, the fact I get anything written in here is a miracle. However, due to outside pressure, ie The Narrow Gauge Gazette, the magazine we advertise in...they always get the latest news and updates. Then I try to have the newest kits listed on the site, but that does not always happen as quickly as is needed. Point here is that if you see something in the magazine and come to here to look over the product it may not be here, if that is the case, please, pick up the phone and give me a call, I always get back to you, and if by some odd occurance I don't, call again...I am open for business, it just might take a while to get everything done depending on my work load. Thank You!... ..

CUSTOM building is available for any of our kits. If you are interested, let me know. I do all of the building myself. Pricing is based on 3 to 5 times the cost of the kit plus the cost of the kit. Additional details are of course extra. The amount of custom work I do is limited so if interested, let me know and I can give you a time frame.

A note about postage, especially beyond our shores.... It costs like hell to ship overseas, but I will do everything I can to ship you our products as inexpensivly as I can, if you order boxed kits, expect to pay $45-65. When I can I will cover costs over that amount. If you order small items that can ship in an envelope, you WILL get a refund on the shipping costs. Please note that the shopping cart is a bit archaic and does not see the difference between small packs and larger packs...OK?

Domestic shipping, its gone up ....again.... Presently, everything is going USPS priority mail, except for most of the large kits, they go UPS. I base it on weight, when the box is heavy, UPS, under 4lb, USPS. That brings us to the small flat kits, like conversion cabs....They now go USPS priority mail, its going to cost you more than First Class Mail, sorry, nothing I can do, to much damage when I ship flat kits in a bubble envelope...I don't mind shipping first class, but when I end up replacing a kit becasue of loss or damage, well, the extra you pay is insurance that gets the kit to you in good condition, thanks for your understanding.

 If you have a question, email or call.



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