S Scale Kits

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S Scale Kits.. In returning to the Dark side we have reaquired our old S scale line of kits..All of the old ones are back in our control. So what does that mean?? It means that they are available to order and will be made on demand. I'll not be stocking the older ones, I'll make them up as they get ordered. In the next months I'll be adding them to this list.

Also just released: Oilton Club Saloon from Ophir and the Miners Cabins... in S scale of course.....

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#4153 Oakboro Hay and Grain $115.00
#4120 Duncans Boots $65.00
#4152 Clara's Cabinets TBA
#4154 Union Bank TBA
#4159 The Warehouse $64.00
#4111 Roubies Saloon $98.00
#4112 Oilton Club Saloon $140.00
#4078 Miners Cabin $40.00