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#2106 Ridgway Boxcar Storage Shed $15.00
#1081 Silver Plume Bakery $38.00
#2112 Oilton Club Saloon TBA
#2110 Ridgway Sandhouse $38.00
#2082 HO Herbert's Crossing Freight House TBA
#2158 Ophir Depot $80.00
BMW-138-HO Stock Pens TBA
BMW-137-HO Pro Patria Mill, Rico, Co $275.00
#2105-HO Strong Depot TBA
#2024-HO Elevated Crossing Shanty $25.00
#2031-HO Crossbucks (12 ea) $12.00
#2065-HO Crossing Shanty $20.00
#2078 Miner's Cabin TBA
BSC-2089-HO Silverton Depot $89
BSC-2109 1930's-40's gas Station TBA
BSC-2070 Red Mountain Freight TBA
BSC-2123 Little Creek Mining Co TBA
BSC-2124 Hillside Water Tank $18.00
BSC-2125 Blacksmith Shop TBA
BSC-2126 Blacksmith Shop Annex TBA
BSC-2097 Port Costa Roundhouse TBA
BSC-2131 B&O Hotel $TBA
BSC-2090 Chillery's Cafe TBA
BSC-2127 Crick Hollow Hardware TBA
BSC-2108 Donkey Corners Depot TBA
BSC-2144 Lineside Shed TBA
BSC-2142 Silver Bull Saloon TBA
BSC-2111 Roubies Saloon TBA
BSC-2154 Union Bank TBA
BSC-2120 Duncans Boots TBA
BSC-2153 Oakboro Hay and Grain TBA 
BSC-2033 Coeur d' Alene Mine TBA 
BSC-2159 The Warehouse TBA 
BSC-4112 Oilton Club Saloon TBA
BSC-2145 Doc Holiday's Apothecary TBA

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