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#6106 Ridgway Boxcar Storage Shed $32.00
BMW-105-O RGS House At The End Of The Trestle $58.00
#6110 Ridgway Sandhouse $68.00
#6082 O Herbert's Crossing Freight House $64.00
#6158 Ophir Depot $220.00
6022 Stock Pens


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BSC-6021-O Outhouse Collection (6 in 1) $42.00
BSC-6024-O Elevated Crossing Shanty $42.00
BSC-6030-O Right-Of-Way Signs (62 ea) $22.00
BSC-6031-O Crossbucks (11 ea) $16.00
BSC-6032-O Old Style Crossbucks, 4 per kit $12.00
BSC-6065-O Crossing Shanty $36.00
BSC-6078-O Miner's Cabin $48.00
BSC-6092-O Ore Tram Buckets 3 pack $22.00
BSC-6102-O Ore Tram Towers, 3 per package $32.00
BSC-6105-O Strong depot $150.00
BSC-6109-O 1930's-40's gas Station $64.00
BSC-6123 Little Creek Mining Co $138.00
BSC-6124 Hillside Water Tank $36.00
BSC-6125 Blacksmith Shop $58.00
BSC-6126 Blacksmith Shop Annex $52.00
BSC-6131 B&O Hotel $97.00
BSC-6135 Shortline Water Tank $56.00
BSC-6136 Flag Stop Semaphore $12.00
BSC-6090 Chillery's Cafe $120.00
BSC-6127 Crick Hollow Hardware & Miners Supply $132.00
BSC-6108 the Depot at Donkey Corners $78.00
BSC-6140 Henry Tellers Law Office $82.00
BSC-6121 Clarkes Outpost $89.00
BSC-6142 Silver Bull Saloon $180.00
BSC-6144 Lineside Shed $40.00
BSC-6111 Roubies Saloon $132.00
BSC-6145 Doc Holiday's Apothecary $94.00
BSC-6149 Union Bank front only $74.00
BSC-6150 Chillery's Cafe front.... $54.00
BSC-6120 Duncans Boots $78.00
BSC-6153 Oakboro Hay Á Grain $132.00
BSC-6122 Sonny's Used Cars $46.00
BSC-6161 Vance Junction Outbuildings $165.00
BSC-6159 The Warehouse $70.00

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